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Validus Senior LivingTM to Conduct Special Art

with the Misa For Love Foundation

“Alzheimer’s Didn’t Steal Their Creativity” Is a Unique Project to Feature Original Works of Art by the Residents of InspiredLivingSM at Hidden Lakes. 

TAMPA, FL (February 7, 2014) – The Misa For Love Foundation is initiating the first program for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease entitled, “Alzheimer’s Didn’t Steal Their Creativity,” in conjunction with Validus Senior LivingTM on Wednesday, February 5. Misa for Love is a new philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting people with challenges by providing them a form of release through art expression. For the event, the foundation will bring its mobile program to InspiredLiving SM   at Hidden Lakes, Bradenton’s leading memory care residential community, located at 1200 54th Ave. West in Bradenton.

The project, coordinated by Misa Art (, is designed to provide loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other form of memory loss with a means of engaging their minds and creative talents in an enjoyable and productive way. InspiredLiving   at Hidden Lakes will purchase the piece of artwork created by residents, the proceeds of which will benefit the Misa for Love non-profit organization. As part of the project, other individual works of art created by the residents will also be purchased by the facility and prominently displayed within the facility.

The foundation’s founder, Misa, believes everyone is an artist. “These individuals with Alzheimer’s have different physical and mental impairments. But the disease has not altered any of their creativity and this allows them to feel safe in order to express themselves.

“A simple dot of paint can convey more meaning than these residents can express verbally. Color is not something that needs to be remembered, it is seen and can be displayed in any form, and everything that is created has its own beauty and meaning to the person.”

Says Regional Director of Program Development at Validus Senior Living , AJ Cipperly, “This unique, hands-on initiative provides our residents with an enjoyable opportunity to be mentally and physically engaged and to express their creative energies in an inspired and highly positive way. In addition to offering our residents a sense of pride and accomplishment, the project also helps to raise awareness of the growing issue of memory care in our country and affords us with an opportunity to support Alzheimer’s research. We thank Misa, who has conducted similar successful art projects with special needs children, for her interest in participating with us and making this wonderful program available to our residents.”

For the project, Misa and her assistants will work with the residents and participating family members to create original works of art on wood. They will then take all of the pieces back to her studio and create one large work of art, which will be purchased by InspiredLiving at Hidden Lakes ( The proceeds from the purchase will then be donated to Misa for Love to continue their mission of encouraging creativity in individuals with dementia.

Says Ms. Cipperly, “Alzheimer’s and dementia can steal their memories and even their ability to speak, but no matter what stage of disease they’re in, they can still express themselves through art!”

Adds Twila Young, InspiredLiving at Hidden Lakes Executive Director, “All of us here are very excited about this wonderful opportunity to participate in such a worthy program that also provides an opportunity to showcase the talents of our wonderful residents. Working with art is highly therapeutic and gives our residents a means to express themselves that may not be available in other aspects of their lives. The project is definitely a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved, and our special thanks go out to Misa and her foundation for their commitment to using art as a unique means for engaging and inspiring those whose lives have been affected by memory loss.”

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About the Misa For Love Foundation

The Misa For Love Foundation was established November 2013. It is dedicated to assisting people in need through the use of artistic expression. The foundation provides children and other individuals with a venue to express themselves artistically and implement programs designed to facilitate and direct their emotional and physical healing.


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