Misa For Love Foundation is dedicated to assisting children at risk through the use of artistic expression. We provide these children with a venue to express themselves artistically and implement programs designed to facilitate and direct their emotional and physical healing.  Additionally, we provide these young people with quality art education and life skills that equip them for future success.


When children are experiencing trauma verbal communication can be inhibited. Our instructors use color and motion to allow release from pain and encourage expression in these young people.  One of the primary objectives of all our programs is to create an environment conducive to artistic freedom, thus eliminating worry about interpretations of their artwork. As the artist, their work is a natural expression of their emotional state and the energy released through that expression begins their journey to healing.

During the art programs we create a safe atmosphere that allows for vulnerability.  When imagination is encouraged and finds freedom the manifestations of the heart are automatically projected into the artist’s creation. A simple dot of paint can then embody extraordinary meaning. Our programs are catered to inspire that creativity and provide emotional release for children in need. The needs of these children vary: some have experienced the loss of a loved one, abuse, neglect, some have serious medical conditions, or have mental or physical impairments.  MFL programs direct and guide each of these children on their individual path to healing and recovery.