Art Programs

The fundamental purpose of Misa For Love is to establish programs for children around the country that teach them to use creative artistic expression as an avenue to wellness and health. The movement and use of color becomes a refuge from intense emotions, which these children may be unable to be express through words, especially those whose verbal communication skills have not yet fully developed. By creating a safe, fun environment children at risk are able to explore, release, express, and heal. By composing what may be a simple piece of artwork these young people are able to release more than words could ever express. The W’s:

  • We partner with a wide scale of non profits and hospitals who assist children at risk from the ages 4 to 14
  • We design each program to meet the specific needs of the children involved. Every child is unique and therefore every program must be uniquely tailored to the needs of each child.
  • We move, bringing a uniquely designed program to the location of the hosting non profit or hospital.
  • We teach programs in four hour sessions throughout a two or three day cycle.
  • We provide supplies and teachers for each mobile program.

After the children create their individual masterpiece, Misa For Love Foundation’s talented artists take each piece and creatively compose one large framed piece of artwork. The final art piece is a synthesis of the children’s creativity, encompassing their energy and healing. To fund future projects Misa For Love partners with charities to auction off these pieces. Benefits and proceeds are given to the partnered organizations and the Misa For Love Foundation.

Bring an art program to your organization!