Misa For Love Foundation is dedicated in assisting children in need to express themselves through the use of art, while providing our youth with an opportunity to view life from a different perspective and preparing young adults for their career in art.


First Mission

When children are going through any type of trauma, verbal communication can be inhibited. The use of color and motion allows a form of release for pain and encourages expression. During Misa For Love art programs we want the children to be free in their expression with no judgment and worry about what the world will see from their creations. It is about their own understanding of their pain, situation or emotions and the energy that is released through the process. At that point their healing occurs.

During the art programs we create an environment that allows the children to be vulnerable and understand there is no right or wrong in art. Their imagination is given the freedom and the pure vision of their hearts painting, moving, and mixing colors is projected on their creation. A simple dot of paint can have more meaning in a child’s mind. Our programs are catered to bring out that creativity for their emotional release for all children in need. These childrenĀ have experienced loss of a loved one, went through trauma, have serious medical conditions, or have mental or physical impairments.

Second Mission

Even though these children are going through struggles, they still encompass their innocence and joy for life. They indirectly become our teachers. Our second mission is to bring that learning experience to teenagers ready to embark on the road to becoming young adults. By providing the opportunity to receive volunteer credit young adults from ages 14 to 17 can volunteer to assist the art programs. Their young minds will be challenged to understand others from a different perspective. They can only help them if they are able to be open to understanding without judgement. By doing so teenagers are shown the road to becoming well rounded, compassionate, and open-minded young adults, and we hope gain a sense of courage when embarking on their future endeavors.

Third Mission

Graduating from college does not guarantee a placement in ones chosen career, especially for emerging artists. The term “hungry artists” is another indication that only the select few will make it in the competitive industry. We provide a program that college students will receive credits to put towards their graduation requirements. What is not usually taught in art schools is the business and entrepreneurial side to becoming an artist. Misa For Love’s mission is to teach these young artists to self promote themselves and make a statement of their capabilities and provide them tools for a successful art career.

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