Misa Dream Project

Misa Art & The Center of Independence for Conductive Education partnered to provide an art program for children with Cerebral Palsy. The final piece was auctioned off at The Center of Independence For Conductive Education’s benefit for $9,200!

Misa For Love Foundation is dedicated in assisting children at risk to express themselves through the use of art, while providing our youth with an opportunity to view life from a different perspective and preparing young adults for their career in art. 

We connect with organizations and hospitals assisting children at risk and bring the art programs to them. Partnering with other non profits allows us to reach more children and assist other organizations in their mission.

Our local high school students are on their way to becoming adults and through mentorship, guidance and inspiration, M4L shows them a different perspective of life and provides the foundation to becoming well-rounded adults.

Are you pursuing a career in art? M4L provides opportunities for art students to prepare them for a successful career. Sharing strategies and best practices we hope to discontinue the phrase “hungry artist”!